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This is a self-serve marketing portal for businesses to place Ads and get featured on platforms. We have various advertising options and our self-service portal allows you to upload your advert and our team shall review and get back to you. Moreover, you can also pay online using various payment methods such as visa, paypal and M-pesa option.

We apply unique formats of promotion and are ready to experiment. We widely use native advertising, rich media and other interactive tools.

We analyse our content and advertising campaigns in the real-time to make data-driven decisions.

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  • Use our adverts to engage potential customers with your key business messages and draw them in to find out more about what you can offer. Think about the types of messages that will appeal to your customers to encourage that click through to your site. For example, a local coffee shop could promote an offer for a free coffee when customers sign up to their loyalty scheme on their website, or a solicitor may want to shout about the personal service they provide.